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[Kuala Lumpur Freelance] Wen Wen 雯雯, PGRM Cheras Kuala Lumpur, Unlimited shots

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地址: 蕉赖民政大厦(Cheras PGRM)附近酒店
電話 : 01139992881
時間:早上9.00 - 凌晨2.00
三圍: 34C - 24.5 - 34.5
國籍:中國 (廣東話, 國語)
1小时  RM180  1次
1小时  RM230 不限次
2小时  RM300 不限次
3小时  RM400 不限次
过夜晚上12点到早上9点 RM500
过夜晚上11点到早上9点 RM600
过夜晚上10点到早上9点 RM700
包一整天  RM1600
Preferable Chinese

雯雯 Wen Wen
Address: hotel near Cheras PGRM
Contact: 01139992881
Business hours: 9.00 am - 2.00 am
Height: 160cm
34C - 24.5 - 34.5
Nationality: Chinese PRC (Cantonses, Mandarin)
1 hour  RM180  1 shot
1 hour  RM230 unlimited shots
2 hour  RM300 unlimited shots
3 hour  RM400 unlimited shots
Overnight 12 midnight - 9 am RM500
Overnight 11 pm - 9 am RM600
Overnight 10 pm - 9 am RM700
Full day booking  RM1600
Preferable Chinese
HI, 大家好我係雯雯, 小妹有豐滿的34寸大乳. 腰細身材fit爆, 冰火水嘯, 980度旋轉式吞吐吹奏、名副其實的嘯后. 讓寶貝們舒服到滴精不漏全程high爆!
我有水中簫,吮蛋蛋,36D嘅大波同你夾腸仔吹簫神嘴下下深喺, 包你爽到震,胸推按摩, 冰冷口交, 简单按摩, 胸推, 臀推, 漫游, 高山流水, 皇帝后花园(毒龙钻), 一箭穿心, 倒挂金勾, 蚂蚁上树,性爱大球, 仲有騎功一流包俾到你大爺般享受!
我仲有性感絲襪,制服,空姐,學生,OL, B2B等多種誘惑.
包各位High到九宵雲外,飄飄若仙. 希望各位有空來試下啦!
Translation (at the best level):
Hi, I am Wen Wen. I got 24 inch boobs, slim fit body, fire and ice blowjob, 980 degrees blowjob, proud to say I am Blowjob queen, cum in month never miss 1 dip outside your month.
My services as below:
Blowjob under shower, ball licking, 36D boobs job, blowjob, deep throats, guarantee you have maximum fun, B2B, ice blowjob, massage, roaming, ass riming, and more...
I also can provide stocking, uniform, air stewardess, student, OL, B2B and more
Sure will make you high. Hope to see you soon.

A B C D E F G, I want something lovely

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Hi admin. Thank you for the contact. Unfortunately she ask me how did I get her number...I just said that I get from website...she refuse to meet me. I think I need a referral and tell her that I get her contact from you. Please send me an email ( [email protected] ) to how to meet her. Tq